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Perlred.gif (995 octets)CEREBRAL 2.0 (FREEWARE, ZIP file of patient while downloading!!!, SETUP included)
    I have created this game while learning DELPHI4.0. The aim of this game is to find the eight letters of the hidden word. You can play against the computer or against a third person. This game can be played in French, English or Spanish. The computer memory contains all words of eight letters including grammar!!!, that is more than 20000 words for every language. You have 120 seconds to propose a word. Otherwise, the try is annulated and you pass to the following try. You are allowed for eight tries only.
When you start to download, windows asks whether you want to open or save the zip file. Do save file and choose the location where you would like to save the file. Unzip the file and execute the setup program. The game will be on your desk.
  Thanks for writing some words in my guestbook in case you download this game. Keep cool and good luck!!!
  The 3.0 version will able you to choose among four levels with a window giving the best scores.
For any question, please use the form and NOT the guest book. Thanks.

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Perlred.gif (995 octets)WINCELL  1.1 (Updated version March 2000, FREEWARE, ZIP file of patient while downloading!!!, SETUP included)
Scientific software regrouping 4  interactive programs (Win_CORREL, Win_CELREF, Win_AFMAIL et Win_CRISDR). It is mainly useful to crystalographers. This software contains all primary main functions of Windows (open, save, print, copy, paste...) as well as other specific functions linked to the software. A help file is included but is still under construction.
REMARK : Password is no longer required for this new version.
WINCELL 1.1 with respect to WINCELL 1.0:
* Password is no longer required to unzip the file
* Bug fixed for the cubic refinement in Win_Celref subprogram
* Interlayer spacing included in the Win_Correl subprogram
* English/French messy reduced

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Perlred.gif (995 octets)CLEAN REGISTER  1.0 (FREEWARE, exe file of 393Kb)
Software which reduces the huge windows register by deleting files created when you use Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer...These files are not generally erased by other softwares specialised in optimising the Windows Register.

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Perlred.gif (995 octets)DATABASE  1.0 (Laboratory Internal Use)
Data based on articles for the group "Alliage Moléculaire et Stockage d'Energie" of the CPMOH laboratory.
DataBase: Local
Driver : Paradox7
Environment Win 9x, NT4
Database engine : BDE (Borland Database Engine)
Source Code can be obtained on request

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Perlred.gif (995 octets)TLabel_URL_email (FREEWARE , 4 files of 11Ko, help and source files included)
This component includes all properties and methods of Tlabel but includes the email_URL property which enables direct access to a Web site or to open your e-mail software. Have a look to the help file for more informations.

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